Getting Started

I remember the first time I heard about the Keto lifestyle, it seemed impossible how could i possible cut carbs? They are in everything and when you start reading labels it gets even more daunting sugar is in things you wouldn't even think needed sugar in them!
So I decided to start slow, lots of small changes eventually equaled big changes.
If you are just starting out or maybe starting again below ill list a few things I did to help me stick to the keto lifefstyle.

  • Research - I read so many websites, facebook posts and books before starting keto to arm myself with all the knowledge, recipes, hacks, keto flu you name it I read about it. Knowledge is power!
  • Planning - It sounds obvious but I don't just mean meals I mean everything.
    Plan when you will start, what steps you will take and how you will achieve your goals. 
  • Prepping - Even if that is just pre-chopping meat and veg before putting them in the Fridge or Freezer it all saves time and makes cooking the meal a whole lot less daunting on the day. Or precook and freeze meals so you can just heat and eat, EASY. 
  • Forgiveness - Might seem like an odd tip but honestly we are all human and we all make mistakes. Maybe you had a cocktail with friends or a bar of chocolate after a stressful day. Forgive yourself and get back on the wagon, guilt often weighs us down and that can turn into a downward spiral of binge eating which isn't good for anything.
  • WATER & ELECTROLYTES - so important I had to put them in caps. You need water even more when in ketosis and if you want to avoid that pesky keto flu I suggest you use some form of electrolytes (without sugar of course!) 
  • Friends - I can not even tell you how important it is to have a friend doing keto with you, even if its just a buddy in a facebook group. The Motivation and encouragement it gives you is amazing. 
  • Take Photos or measurements - weight is such a horrible thing, we get so caught up in the numbers that we don't even see the other changes. Less bloated, more energy, better skin and clothes might even be fitting better but the numbers haven't changed so we get discouraged. Taking photos and measurements give you a much better idea of how your body is changing.
  • Exercise - I didn't exercise at all until I really felt comfortable with my eating, it was just to much to add a workout on top of figuring out what I was meant to be eating. It doesn't even need to be a huge work out, going for a 15min walk is better then nothing, there is also loads of free workouts on youtube and most you wont even need any equipment. 

Those are a few of my top tips for starting out, remember slow and steady wins the race, you don't need to dive in and do everything all at once if it overwhelms you.

SwetoBox :)

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