Stalled Weight loss

Many people start keto for weightloss (its not the only reason of course but it is a common one) and it can very easily become disheartening when your hearing all these amazing stories of people loosing lots of weight very quickly and your not.

Let me tell you something, every body is different the way we store fat the places we store etc so its only logical the way we loose weight would be different too. 

I don't like to measure success on the scales, for me the scales may go up and down a lot but my clothes fit better and I feel more better in myself, less bloat and more awake. So I always recommend people take photos or measurements or both if they really want to track there loses. Although just the way your clothes fit can be a great indicator that your on the right track.

But what if your clothes aren't fitting better and your not seeing any results or maybe just really slow results? Then what do you do, give up and go back to your old way of life? No we troubleshoot of course!

Firstly Id do a couple of days where I track my food intake, there are some really good apps out there now, (Carb counter is one and my fitness pal is another that personal use). Write down everything you eat and drink, are you:

  • Eating enough fat?
  • Are your carbs low enough?
  • Protein Intake?

  • Drinking plenty of water? (at least 2 litres!)
  • Eating enough calories? (thts right, if your not eating enough your body will think it needs to store fat to protect itself against starvation!)

Are you in ketosis? Some people can get into a state of ketosis (where your body is burning fat for energy instead of using glucose) easily and others it can take a little longer.
You can test to see if your producing ketones 1 of 3 ways, urine analysis (similar to a pregnancy test) measures the amount of ketones in your urine. This way is more accurate at the start of the keto lifestyle to indicate your body is producing ketones. Breathalyzer (similar to those the police use for alcohol readings) These measure the amounts of acetone on your breath which is a sign you are breaking down fat stores and there for in ketosis, it is debated about the accuracy of these as well but again it will give you a rough idea if you are in ketosis or not.Blood meters, the blood meters are the most accurate but the test strips can be a bit pricey. The blood meters use a drop of your blood to analyse the amount of ketones and then gives you a reading on the device.

The levels of ketones

Less than 0.5 mmol/L - you're not in Ketosis at this level, try reducing carbs more and uping your healthy fats

0.5 - 1.0 mmol/L - you are in ketosis now, but many people say this is not the optimal zone (meaning you wont be burning large amounts of fat) If you can carbs little more.

1.0 - 3.0 mmol/L - A.K.A. "optimal" Ketosis - this is the level of Ketosis you want to aim to burn fat like a furnace!

Higher then 3.0 is considered dangerous and wont improve your weightloss.

So now you have looked at your diet, your ketone levels and your still not loosing weight fast.
There are a few other reasons that could be affecting your weight loss.

1. Your body is healing its self, sometimes due to years of sugar abuse our bodies aren't in optimal condition they are fighting inflammation, leaking gut and many more hidden health problems. So now your providing it with the right fuel its repairing all the damage. This can slow weight loss while it heals but once your body is back to optimal health you will notice the weight coming off.

2. Something in your diet is still causing inflammation in the body, this can often be dairy. If you are eating lots of dairy try cutting down or if you can cutting out and replacing those fats with dairy free options. After a few weeks if the dairy was the problem you should notice some improvement.

Hopefully now you have some things to try to get yourself in to that fat burning machine you were designed to be!
Have I left something out please let me know below what you tried?


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